Can CBD Help With Your Fitness Regime?

woman doing boxing workout with red gloves and punch bagCBD can be a great tool for improving your fitness regime. CBD may come in multiple different forms, including gels, edibles, and capsules. Regardless of the form you utilize, CBD can be used not only to help maximize workouts, but also to provide pain relief associated with those workouts. 

CBD As Performance Enhancing Drug?

One of the gray areas of utilizing CBD, especially among athletes, is that there are some who believe it is a performance enhancing drug and, therefore, should be illegal in the athletic world. However, that’s not necessarily the case. 

It’s true that pairing CBD with your workout regime can provide a variety of benefits, but it isn’t considered a performance enhancing drug, like stimulants or steroids are. Steroids and stimulants directly affect muscle repair and growth, as well as improve endurance and sharpen focus, giving an unfair advantage when it comes to athletes. 

CBD, on the other hand, can help relax blood vessels and lower both blood pressure and cortisol levels. Yes, CBD can enhance workouts, but not to the extent that steroids or stimulants do, which is why it isn’t considered to be in the same category as performance enhancing drugs.

Forms Of CBD

There are different forms of CBD that can be used on your fitness regime, including:

  • CBD Oil: Mainly used to help with stress and anxiety, but it can also can be used to manage migraine, inflammation, seizures, and chronic pain. 
  • Water-Soluble CBD Oil: Taking water-soluble CBD oil can be more effective than regular oils because it is faster acting and easier to use.
  • CBD Pills: CBD pills and capsules are convenient to take because you simply swallow them to receive their benefits. However, pills and capsules can lose some of their benefits when passing through the digestive system.
  • CBD Cream: This can be applied directly to the affected area, and is mostly used to relieve joint pain or certain skin conditions, including eczema and psoriasis. 
  • CBD Edibles: CBD gummies are great for those who don’t like the taste of CBD oil and can offer up to 25mg of the active compound that relieves a wide variety of ailments and other medical challenges. 

CBD And Muscles

You may already know that CBD can enhance your fitness regime, but what is it about it that allows for this?  Well, for a start, CBD inhibits the cortisol secretion in your muscles, which can help build muscles more effectively than simply working out. 

Beyond muscle growth, however, CBD can also to fight the strain you put on muscles and joints during a workout or training session. Applying CBD cream directly to the area or joint that’s in pain can provide you some relief.

CBD For Endurance Enhancement

Beyond easing pain and aiding in muscle growth, incorporating CBD into your daily workout regime can help improve your overall performance.

CBD doesn’t contain the psychoactive compound THC, which means that it won’t get you high. Also, you won’t develop dependence on it, which means it’s safe to use for the long term.

Additionally, CBD can enhance endurance during a workout through increased endorphin levels, as well as support of the endocannabinoid system. 

Recommended By Athletes

While many choose to utilize CBD for their daily workout regimes at home, if you’re still in doubt about its effectiveness, you should consider how highly recommended CBD is by professional athletes. 

For example, Al Harrington is pushing the NBA to allow CBD because he has seen the additional benefits that cannabis provides over the typical opioids that professional athletes use. Harrington believes that players can manage their day-to-day pain even more effectively with CBD than with the highly addictive opioids they most commonly utilize. 

Additional Benefits

Here are the other benefits CBD can help provide:

Distraction From Pain

Simply being able to distract yourself from the pain you experience can be beneficial as well. CBD intercepts pain signals to the brain, and in doing so distracts your body from the pain you may be feeling. It also eases stress, allowing more focus on your workout and less on any pain you’re experiencing. 

Reduction Of Inflammation

Whether you’re ingesting CBD in a pill or gummy form, or applying it as a cream, it can be used to target both pain receptors and inflammation. CBD can help reduce inflammation during and after a workout, allowing your body to recover faster.

Mood Booster

While CBD doesn’t have THC to provide a high, it can still improve your mood and heighten your enjoyment of motions, like walking or running on a treadmill.

CBD has been studied more and more in recent years, and many athletes have begun to recommend it not only to other athletes, but to those people who are looking to improve the effectiveness of their workouts at home. 

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