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woman weight trainingHealth and wellness begins with a wholesome, nutritious diet program, and a disciplined fitness routine. In today’s world, people are concerned with the concept of clean living as it pertains to being environmentally friendly, overall lifestyle, and self-care. A large portion of the population indulges in ‘clean’ eating involving natural, whole foods. Still, these are not always enough to satisfy the nutrients required by our body. Nor do we indulge in sufficient amounts necessary to develop the amount of energy needed for our overwhelming work life, not to mention the strenuous exercise plan for which we choose to engage. The answer to this dilemma – supplements.

Supplements, particularly those designed for pre-workout, help improve overall performance, giving that extra ‘boost’ during of exercise. The best pre-workout supplements have seen a surge in popularity, particularly with those with gym memberships, sports enthusiasts, trainers, and competitors in the bodybuilding world.

The Supplement Industry

The FDA or United States Food and Drug Administration provides no regulation for the most part for the manufacture of these substances as with diet pills, vitamins, or many other types of nutraceutical. They aren’t held to the same requirements as those of manufacturers for pharmaceutical medications allowing for greater freedom. Something that seems simple such as aspirin goes through rigorous tests to determine its safety factor and the level of effectiveness it can offer varying aspects of the population carrying unique medical circumstances.

These things are not mandated for supplements for which classification does not fall under ‘drug’ but deem more in the “special food category.” As far as the FDA goes with these compounds extends to the labeling aspect along with advertising guidelines for which they advise the manufacturing company as to what they should avoid saying with only claims that deem ‘outrageous’ by their standards will be challenged by those doing the regulating. The claim is that it is infrequent that a ‘suggestion’ of how a compound can potentially benefit you, such as in improving health or performance or mood, will have any type of backlash even with little to show in support of the claims.

That is in no way indicating that many of these supplements being made available on the market are short of anything less than what they say they are; in fact, many are. The only suggestion is that anyone who wishes to indulge in a new substance takes due diligence in researching the various products as opposed to limiting their recommendation and knowledge to the manufacturer’s comments.

A Break-Down Of The Ingredients

There are proprietary blends of components making up these supplements for which manufacturers contribute to the energy boost. At the same time, there is a debate arguing that there is only one of those ingredients responsible alone for that benefit, which is caffeine. These substances comprise a massive quantity of this ingredient, with some offering upwards of 400 mg for each dose, which is like indulging in four cups of coffee. A majority of the popular leading brands comprise a level more closely at a range of 150 mg, up to 300 mg for each dose.

These supplements contain a variety of ingredients that many who engage in sports and bodybuilding indulge typically such as:

  • B-alanine
  • Creatine
  • Taurine
  • L-arginine
  • And guarana (this stimulant, which is plant-based offers double the caffeine in each gram of that of coffee beans.

Some ingredients in these products have evidence that supports their use with others that offer anecdotal successes from those who received good results as opposed to empirical evidence from research and science. Shape provide some good advice for women on benefits and safety.

The Suggested Effectiveness Of Pre Workout Supplements

Simply put, the claim is that pre-workout supplements will heighten an athlete’s workout performance merely through the exposure to excess levels of caffeine, meaning you will be able to work out better. But there is no concrete evidence or scientific backing to show that a combination of all the ingredients comprising the compound enhances the regimen in specific ways that will add to health or physical outcomes. They note to increase the blood flow in the muscle when the user is engaged in high-intensity training.

What needs to be understood is no one really expects the pre-workout supplement to provide anything more except preparation for the actual workout. In the claims being made, they do this by providing energy and giving you a boost to exercise better and possibly for an extended time. That’s what they’re ultimately supposed to do, so technically they’re doing their job. They work.


The claim is that the pre-workout supplements are capable of the boosts that they give in large part due to the levels of the caffeine ingredient. The suggestion is that more can be gained by purchasing the elements as separate individual supplements on their own as opposed to combining your various workout supplements into a handy combination, which touts as being more cost-effective. And the recommendation is they may be more useful as a whole if they’re taken separately rather than in one tablet.

It is also suggested that you indulge in supplements with the least dose of caffeine; keep it in moderation. Overuse of this stimulant may allow for a powerful workout, but there is the potential for excessive fluid loss, which can promote extreme dehydration. These are extreme circumstances, not necessarily the standard. As a whole, the consensus is that the supplements are beneficial in anecdotal studies as pre-workout ‘boosts’ to get the workout started.

If you decide to take any kind of supplement, you must consult with your primary care physician before initiating the course. Your doctor can ensure that the substance has no potential interaction with any medication you’re currently taking and can also make sure there is no interference with any medical condition for which you may suffer.

Research the products thoroughly to make sure that you’re obtaining a reputable, reliable brand of high quality since there is not much regulation concerning these products. Check reviews, references, and the website to learn the background of the brand. Ultimately, your safety is the most critical aspect of your wellness routine, as is a wholesome diet and a natural fitness regimen. Supplements should only serve as a compliment.

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