Announcement Regarding “MotleyHealth Diet Pills”

Important Notice: October 2014

It has come to our attention that another company may be selling diet pills in our name. We received a message / complaint via our Facebook forum this morning from an individual who had purchased some diet pills; they believed that they were bought from the MotleyHealth website.

We do not sell any products – this is a digital magazine and not a store.

The individual sent a screen shot (from a mobile device) of the product that they had been sold. They already seemed displeased with the service, saying: “I signed up for this on your website. I hope its legitimate and not a scam? If this is a scam I will be reporting this.” We regretfully had to inform them that it probably is a scam because it is nothing to do with us.

motleyhealth diet pills scam

Typical weight loss scam: exclusive time limited offer, probably a false disclaimer that actually suggests buying more of the product. “Only 8 Trials Remaining” – There are hundreds of identical products on Amazon and other websites,

False Claims

Unfortunately, for those who may have already inadvertently purchased this product, it does appear to be a worthless diet pill, it is not going to help you to lose weight.

We strongly urge people who see similar adverts purporting to be from MotleyHealth to not to part with money or personal information.

MotleyHealth has always represented a sensible and healthy way to get fit and lose weight. We believe in natural processes, such as good, healthy diet and plenty of exercise. This is the foundation of our brand and why we launched the site in 2007.

We have discussed the problems of diet pills and fat burning pills in the following articles:

As you can see, we do not support the use of these pills. The only weight loss pills that have a chance of working are those that are prescribed by doctors and these have some nasty side effects and can be very dangerous is taken without medical supervision.

None of the ingredients in diet pills that are sold online (e.g. HCAMAX Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee,  Raspberry Ketones, Green Tea, Acai, Hoodia and others) have proven weight loss results and are certainly not approved by any public health body. They also come with some unpleasant side effects.

If you have been affected by this please let us know. We are trying to establish who is masquerading as MotleyHealth and require help from the community.


Today, Octover 9, 2014, a Facebook user sent us the following image. This is a screenshot of the advert that is being shown on Facebook:

Infinity gym advert as seen by Maureen Weekes

A Facebook “Suggested Post” showing a website that is similar to ours.

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