A good short run – 14:13min

Submitted by Jon on Thu, 13/09/2007 – 11:19pm

As I managed to injure my wrist on Tuesday, I have been unable to do my weight training or attend my martial arts classes. So tonight I dragged myself out for a quick run. I didn’t leave the house until about 9.45pm. I decided to take my shortest route, and I headed off at a good pace. I managed to keep the pace up almost all the way around, and I felt that I had a really good run. This was my first run since 28th August – that is over two weeks ago. It is amazing how the time flies. Tonight I remembered to time myself, and I ran for just over 14 minutes. This was the same route that I took on my second run which was on the 11th August. So I have at least knocked over 3 minutes off that time.

Another good thing about this evenings quick run was that I felt that I worked my lungs and heart more, and my legs remained relaxed and loose. Usually my calves tighten up, forcing me to slow down, but this evening this did not happen. Maybe a combination of the wieght training, the martial arts, and two weeks rest (from running) has paid off. I am feeling more confident again. I admit that I had started to think that my running career was over almost as soon as it had started. I was convincing myself that weight training and martial arts were all that I need, but after tonight, which was en enjoyable workout, I really want to improve more. I still need to run two miles in 14 minutes. Tonight I was a little short of two miles (although I do not actually know the exact distance).

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