A Female Fitness Model And A Personal Trainer Share Their Secrets

Building Your Fitness and Confidence

Looking your absolute best requires time and dedication. We spoke to two women at the top of their profession about what it takes. When you’re a fitness model or personal trainer, looking good is part of the job.

Keeping fit and watching what you eat are only just part of the equation. To get to the top, you’ve got to be totally dedicated to looking incredible. We spoke to two leading fitness models, Amber and Kimmy. They gave us the low down on what it takes to reach peak fitness, and what you need to do to maintain that.

Amber, Personal Trainer


Amber is the kind of personal trainer most men would love to coach them. A pretty, petite brunette, her physique is absolutely incredible – and showcased perfectly by her pink vest and leggings. She says keeping fit is an integral part of her life.

“Working in the modelling industry means that I need to look good and feel confident with my body. Working as a personal trainer is just another side to that. It doesn’t matter if it’s a client or a casting agent I’m aiming to impress – I need to look my best 24/7.”

Amber’s dedication is pretty impressive. She works out regularly, focusing on a different part of her body each day. Today is cardio and abs, she tells us. Tomorrow is a leg day, then she’ll focus on her chest and arms the next. Does she ever take it easy? “Oh, of course!” she laughs. “I let my body recover on a Sunday. Working out makes me feel great though, so by Monday morning I’m keen to get going again!” Her favourite thing to do in the gym? “Lifting – I want to be strong as well as toned.

Kimmy, Fitness Model

Kimmy, Personal Trainer

Kimmy’s commitment to keeping fit is equally admirable. Tall, blonde and dressed in a tiny vest and shorts, she exudes confidence. She works full time as a fitness model, as well as other, private modelling work.

Being published in a magazine and receiving compliments from men make all the hard work worth it, she says. “It’s nice to know that someone else appreciates all the hard work I put into my body!” Her favourite workout? “Sprinting. I like to run every day, it helps me to relax.

She’s also a YouTube fitness video addict, and pulls out her phone to show us some of her favourites. “I love watching these,” she says. “It’s a great way of getting inspired and adding new things to your workouts. Perhaps I should make a few!” We’re certain that with her model looks, she’d be a massive success.

Diet and Nutrition

As far as diet goes, both girls eat similar things. Protein such as eggs, fish and lean meat are essential. They also eat healthy carbs like brown rice and sweet potatoes regularly. One of Kimmy’s favourite meals is a frittata packed with fresh vegetables.

Amber on Cross Trainer

Some Quick Tips

The girls suggested a quick routine that you (yes, you!) could try at home. For a great all around workout, just follow their instructions. “Choose any piece of cardio equipment such as the elliptical, skipping rope, treadmill or bike, and repeat the following pattern ten times. First, 3 minutes at 50% of your maximum effort. Then 20 seconds at 75% of your maximum effort. Finally, the hard part – 10 seconds at your absolute maximum effort!”

A quick workout like this is great for building up your fitness, although Amber and Kimmy suggest finding other kinds of routines too. This is so you can keep boredom at bay, and stay dedicated to keeping fit.

Off to the Gym, Again!

At the end of our chat, Amber and Kimmy head off to, you’ve guessed it, the gym! Do they like to work out together? “Totally!” Amber says. “It’s great to have someone there to encourage you and keep you company.” At the gym Kimmy got straight on the cross trainer while Amber started warming up for some weight training.  They attracted a fair few admiring glances during their workout – and plenty of men asking them for some fitness tips!

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