6 Potential Benefits Of CBD For Athletes

CBD oilsAthletes today have a wide range of supplements to choose from that could boost their performance.  Examples of these products are protein powders, sports probiotics, and many others. Extensive research on the cannabis plant found that cannabidiol (CBD), a chemical found in cannabis, could be useful for athletes as well. Therefore, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) declared CBD a non-prohibited substance. However, tetrahydrocannabinol (TCH) is banned by WADA. THC is an element found in cannabis with the psychoactive components that cause the sensation of being ’high.’

Athletes and other individuals can purchase CBD products online, in a dispensary, or in specialty stores. Most states are not restrictive on getting such products. However, in places like Florida, anyone buying CBD merchandise must have a medical marijuana card. Thus, if you’re looking to obtain CBD products in this state, visit a certified marijuana doctor who issues Florida Marijuana Cards. They will examine you, and if they determine that other remedies are ineffective for your cannabis treatable ailment, you can qualify for a card.

Why Do Athletes Use CBD?

Most sports activities are meant to strain the body tissues and enhance growth. The exercises will tear muscle fibers, and the body will repair them by combing them. As a result, sportspersons will mostly have enhanced muscle size and mass.

However, this process is rather tough, and too much strain could cause severe injuries that may take a while to heal, affecting a player’s performance. Findings have shown that cannabinoids could be helpful to counter this issue. Therefore, most sportspersons will take CBD products because they may be an effective measure to reduce pain and improve muscle recovery.

Also, pressure to perform, conflicts with coaches and team members, and other nonwork-related demands could cause stress, anxiety, and depression to athletes. These factors may cause mood deterioration, increased tension, and too much pressure, which might lead to depression.

As a result, the performance of the player may be negatively affected. To deal with these factors, experts advise that cannabinoids could help. Thus, athletes use cannabinoids because it’s thought to increase relaxation and boost overall output.

The benefits that a sportsperson could enjoy by taking cannabinoids are numerous. Most athletes take CBD because:

It Could Be a Better Alternative for NSAIDs And Opioids

It’s common for athletes to experience muscle pain. This kind of distress happens when one injures themselves or works their muscles to a maximum. Most often, players will buy non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) or opioids to relieve such pain. However, experts claim that using NSAIDs for a long time could have severe health effects.

Also, overdosing on painkillers could cause stroke, heart attacks, kidney failure, and many other health risks. Additionally, opioids like morphine and oxycontin may cause drug dependency, and a higher intake may lead to death.

Research on animals has shown that CBD might help to lower chronic and inflammatory pain. This discovery could also be useful to humans. Scientists have found that cannabinoids could work as an effective method to reduce muscle pain for athletes. It has been identified that overusing CBD products might not cause severe effects like death. Also, taking them for a long time is thought to be harmless, and they may be less likely to cause addiction.

Therefore, experts recommend cannabinoids as alternatives for NSAIDs and opioids because they may be better and safer for pain management.

May Enhance Sleep Quality

Good quality sleep is important for athletes. It’s thought to enhance their mood, reduce irritability, prevent depression and improve overall mental health. On the other hand, insomnia could cause a lack of concentration and negatively affect performance and recovery.

Anxiety, stress, depression, or pain are the main causes of sleep deprivation for most athletes. Today, most health experts advise sportspersons to take CBD, as it may help reduce nervousness and other factors that may cause poor sleep.

It May Be Helpful for Athletes Looking to Lose Weight

Weight management is an important factor for most athletes. They must maintain healthy eating habits to prevent gaining unnecessary weight. Researchers insist that CBD products could be quite helpful in lowering food intake, boosting your metabolism, and minimizing the effects of chronic pain that may hinder weight loss.

It has also been discovered that CBD could enhance weight loss by altering fat cells. In the human body, there is brown fat, which is considered good for the body. This type of lipids is thought to boost insulin levels, manage blood sugar, and burn calories. Good fat could also be useful in eliminating lipids in the blood, reducing the danger of hyperlipidemia, a condition whereby fats are abnormally high in the bloodstream.

On the other hand, white fat is said to be bad for your body. This kind causes increased cholesterol, resulting in health problems such as heart attacks, strokes, and other issues.

CBD is believed to alters fat cells by converting bad fat into good fat. Therefore, cannabinoids users may have lesser body weight compared to non-users.

Could Boost an Athlete’s Mood

For athletes, it’s normal to experience anxiety, depression, or stress that may negatively affect their mood and overall performance. CBD products are believed to reduce tension, relax the body and boost one’s moods. As a result, this may increase your focus and enhance your performance as well.

May Reduce Fatigue and Hasten Recovery

Sports exercises often cause the tearing of muscle fibers. This factor might lead to muscle inflammation. The body’s work is to repair these damaged fibers, and during this process, an athlete may experience muscle stiffness and pain. However, if the stress is extreme, a player may experience fatigue and slower recovery, and this could cause them to underperform. According to experts, CBD products may help raise energy levels and reduce inflammation, causing hastened muscle recovery.

Could Be Helpful for Gut Discomforts

Inflammation of the colon and small intestines might cause major discomfort to athletes. Additionally, nausea and gastrointestinal (GI) distress could cause endurance sportspersons to leave races. CBD may be quite helpful for those with inflammatory problems, gut issues, and nausea during or after training.

This is because CBD is believed to help prevent the body from producing interleukins and cytokines, which act as chemical signals for the immune system to initiate inflammation. When CBD does this, it’s said that athletes with irritable bowel syndrome, gut issues, bloating, and gas may experience therapeutic benefits. Additionally, it’s believed that CBD could also interact with serotonin receptors to help lessen nausea.

Today, many countries have legalized cannabis, and therefore most sports governing bodies have eased the restrictions on CBD. Extensive research has examined and identified how athletes might benefit from taking cannabinoids.

The findings are that CBD could be a better and safer alternative for NSAIDs and opioids and may help in reducing fatigue. Also, cannabinoids could be effective in quickening muscle recovery, relieving gut pain, reducing weight, improving sleep quality, and boosting athletes’ moods.

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