5 Ways Traumatic Brain Injury Can Occur

A traumatic brain injury is a form of acquired brain injury that disrupts the normal functioning of the brain. They can be caused by a blow or bang to the head, or when an object pierces the skull and brain tissue. This type of injury can lead to a number of symptoms, ranging from mild to severe depending on the amount of damage. Symptoms include headache, confusion, dizziness, loss of consciousness, loss of memory or vision, speech impairment, and changes in mental state.

Research shows that there are millions of traumatic brain injury cases every year. There are many ways in which they can occur, but what are the top causes? Here are five of the most common causes of traumatic brain injury.

Sports injuries

Several sports including soccer, rugby, boxing, baseball, and hockey, can result in a traumatic brain injury being sustained. The high-impact nature of these sports can lead to unexpected bangs to the head, resulting in trauma to the head that can lead to long term injury.

Slips and falls

Slips and falls are two of the most common causes of traumatic brain injury. They can happen almost anywhere (in shops, on sidewalks, or even in your home). If you slip and bang your head on a surface, it can cause many of the symptoms of traumatic brain injury, particular in elderly individuals or children who are more fragile and vulnerable.

Car accidents

Vehicle-related accidents involving cars, motorbikes, bicycles, and pedestrians, are a huge cause of traumatic brain injury. The impact of a high-speed collisions can lead to the head being banged or jolted, which can lead to a severe injury. If you sustain a traumatic brain injury that you believe is the result of someone else’s negligence, it’s important to contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. They can help to create a case so that you can gain compensation for your suffering.


Violence encompasses everything from fighting, assaults, abuse, and gunshot wounds. This can affect people of any age, and can lead to someone sustaining a traumatic brain injury.

Sometimes the brain injury is not caused by a one-off event, but instead by prolonged violence, such as domestic abuse or child abuse. Shaking infants too violently can result in traumatic brain injury in the baby.

Skull fractures

When the skull gets fractured, it leaves a crack in the bone. Depending on the severity of the crack, they can heal themselves. Sometimes they take much longer to heal, and parts of the bone can enter the brain tissue, causing further issues.

Fractures can be a result of a slip and fall, a blow to the head, or violence. It’s crucial that you see a medical professional if you expect you have sustained a skull fracture.

If you suspect you have suffered a traumatic brain injury caused by another person’s negligence, you could be entitled to compensation for your injury and losses, so it is a good idea to contact a personal injury attorney to discuss your options, and get the money you deserve, after you have received medical aid.

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