4 Treatments To Help Manage Chronic Back Pain

back painWe all lead demanding lives. While we’re putting in our daily  110%, our bodies bare the brunt of the workload. This exertion and, sometimes, abuse of your joints and muscles can lead to chronic pain.

The National Institutes of Health reports one in four adult suffer from chronic back pain. Though most back problems begin with a simple sprain or strain, the ensuing pain can be unbearable. The presence of severe internal pain in your back would be a call for surgery. Maybe even pain medication. These might be the best solutions, but they’re also drastic ones that take more consideration. Listed below are just some the steps you can take to relieve your chronic back pain before resorting to drugs and surgery.


Back pain can be just another unfortunate symptom of aging. You’ll know this when the jelly-like “discs” lining the notches of your spinal column start to wear away. This causes a condition known as “disc herniation.” Disc herniation is extremely painful, but physical therapy can go a long way to alleviate it.

Herniated disc exercises can be employed to foster healing or re-align your lower back. Three simple exercises include: The Prone Elbow Lay, Prone Press-up, and The Standing Lumbar Spine Extension. You’ll start to feel some relief in leg muscles first. Consult your therapist for more information.

Some people find other exercise methods beneficial, such as yoga, Tai Chi, swimming and Pilates. Weight training exercises can also help. All can help strengthen the muscles that support the back, and help to lessen chronic pain. However, these solutions are not always suitable for all, or successful for those who try.

Heat Treatment

Your back pain may have been caused by bending at an irregular angle or a muscle pull. The best treatment for immediate pain relief is to turn up the heat.

Home remedies for back pains often involve applying hot and cold objects to the affected area. When muscle tissue becomes stiff from strain, a hot pad, heated towel, or warm bath can loosen them up. Apply an ice bag after the heat treatment for to soothe lingering sensations.

Lifestyle Modifications

Even if you decide to go in for surgery, you’ll still have to make serious adjustments to your lifestyle. Most of these modifications have to do with dieting. Cutting out fatty foods and eating more fruits and vegetables, for starters. Another would be quitting smoking since nicotine has been proven to stagger the healing process.

Sometimes it’s taking a break from the activities that contribute to your pain. A person who spends hours working at the computer will need to get and move around. Machine operators need to take a break and rest for awhile. If you need some professional help then you can you can get in touch with a chiropractor or physio so you can get quick relief from your back pain


Never underestimate how governance your brain has over your mundane bodily functions. Everything from voluntary hand movement to involuntary heart beats are dictated by signals emitted by the brain.

Biofeedback therapy uses relaxation exercises to fine-tune your body’s various functions. A standard biofeedback session involves placing sensors on pressure points located on your face or fingers. The sensors use your body’s signals to display a sequence of images or sounds on a monitor. Several different relaxation exercises can be used to control the sequence. Progressive muscle relaxation is one particular technique that allows you to tighten and ease different muscle groups.

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