4 Signs Of Healthy Nails

woman with good nails holding a heart shaped mugYou may not realise it, but the health of your nails is incredibly important. They act as a shield to protect your hands and the cuticle at the bed of your nail helps to keep pollutants at bay. Poor nail health is often associated with poor nutrition and stress, so when your nails break easily and show signs of infection, it is a sign you need to look after your overall health. Looking after your nails will keep them healthy, allowing them to do their job as well as possible. Read on to discover four signs of great nail health.

They Don’t Break Easily

Brittle nails rip easily, which can be very painful and inconvenient. Although this is a normal occurence from time to time at the tip of the nail, a surefire sign of poor nail health is when they start to separate from the nail bed. This could lead to potential injury or infection if the problem persists.

If your nails are sturdy and rarely break, you can feel confident in knowing that you have healthy nails. If they do break frequently, however, you may be struggling with brittle nails. If your diet has not been as healthy and balanced as recommended, a zinc supplement can help improved the health of your nails  – as the EFSA states, that zinc promotes the normal function of your nails. However, if this problem persists, it’s wise to visit your doctor.

You Have Cuticles

As stated previously, the cuticles on your nails help to keep inflammation and infection at bay. Cutting your cuticles will essentially remove the ‘protective barrier’ on them, opening up a whole realm of issues further down the line.

If your cuticles sit subtly at the bottom of your nail without any inflammation, they are likely to be healthy. Just refrain from cutting them, as this is when the problems start to evolve.

You Don’t Have Nail Fungus

Nail fungus occurs as a result of poor nail health. The fungus usually evolves when there is a tear in your nail or cuticle bed. If not treated, the nail fungus can cause permanent damage that even the most effective of medications won’t be able to fix.

To prevent nail fungus from occurring, treat any cuts near the nails as soon as they appear. Keep them away from moisture and sanitise your hands regularly. If fungus does begin to grow, seek help from an antifungal treatment immediately. Alternatively, visit your doctor to discuss solutions.

They Are Smooth And Ridge-Free

It’s perfectly normal to have the occasional ridge in your nail, but pay close attention to the direction the ridges are going in. Vertical ridges are normal, but deep horizontal ridges could be a sign of poor nail health. Deep horizontal ridges usually signal injury on your nail matrix or are the result of unmet nutritional needs.

How Are Your Nails?

There are many tell-tale signs of good nail health, but the four listed in this guide are the most commonly used. The great thing about nails is that it’s easy to tell if something isn’t right, making finding a solution to the issue hassle-free. Remember to take good care of your nails, or you may experience some painful and inconvenient consequences.

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