4 Exercise Apps To Help You Work Out At Home

woman with mobile exercising outdoorsAn exercise routine is one of the most important parts of creating a healthy lifestyle. Some of us love hitting the gym while others prefer to work out at home. If you’re looking for a few tools to support your home workout routine, these apps might come in handy.


FitOn is a great app to improve your exercise regime. Using this tool you can practice strength training, yoga, HIIT, Pilates, and Barre. You can choose from many different fitness videos from a range of celebrity trainers. A few of the trainers include Katie Dunlop, Casey Ho, and Jeanette Jenkins. Looking for fitness education and advice? The app also includes plenty of inspiring articles.


Perhaps you’re in the mood for a gentle workout session? If so then you need P.volve. This app focuses on low-impact workouts. Here you can choose from a range of different programs such as:

  • Quick Boost: A short fifteen-minute session, ideal for when you don’t have much time.
  • Cardio Burn: These are low-impact cardio exercises, a great way to raise your endorphin levels.
  • Strength & Sculpt: With the help of these workouts you can blend body sculpting with resistance exercises.
  • The Foundation: Using this workout, you can build strength, sculpt your body and learn about the ‘mind-body’ workout.

Asana Rebel

Asana Rebel is a great app to help you get into great shape. The app includes a variety of workouts including strength building, HIIT sessions, and cardio sessions. Along with the workouts, there are lots of tips and articles. Once you’ve got your cardio fix you’ll probably want to cool down a little. Why not check out the meditation and mindfulness content? A few of the other features include:

  • Set fitness goals and track progress.
  • Complete quizzes to find your perfect workout.
  • Integrate the app with Apple Health.

Track Yoga

Track Yoga offers an excellent range of yoga programs, classes, and meditations. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced yogi, you’ll find a class you’ll love! You can choose classes based on your needs, whether you’re looking for a gentle or fast-paced workout. There are so many benefits of yoga including:

  • Develop strength and flexibility.
  • Improve your mental health and sleep.
  • Perfect your posture.
  • Cardio or gentle exercises.
  • Learn about meditation and breathing.

Before you get started you’ll want to purchase a quality yoga mat and a good pair of yoga pants. If you’re more keen to go to a class, check a local yoga studio.

As you can see, there are plenty of home exercise options available. Exercising regularly is important to improve your cardiovascular health, and to maintain a healthy weight. Being physically inactive is one of the main causes of heart disease. If you are worried about heart disease symptoms, contact your doctor for a pet scan. Regular checkups with your healthcare provider will help you to spot any problems early on.

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