32:03 minute jog/walk – running on empty

Submitted by Jon on Sun, 30/12/2007 – 1:40pm

I went for a run this morning, I knew it would be hard. I spent Christmas pigging out and have done no exercise since Christmas Eve. I decided to run before eating, as I have read that running on an empty stomach can help to burn fat. Ni idea if this is true, but worth a try!

I started out slow, taking my longer route, and stayed slow, being force to walk at two points. My calves gave up on me first, as usual, so I really did not get an excellent cardio session. On the final stretch home I did force myself to increase the pace a little, so I was at least slightly out of breath when I finished. 32 minutes is a slow time for this route.

I decided to have a bath after, as my back has been aching recently, and I do feel more relaxed and loser now.

Hopefully I will do some weight training this evening. I figure that while I am on holiday I should try to exercise twice a day when possible, maybe I can get into the habit and continue the pattern of a morning run and evening weight training session at the weekends.

Sunday night weight training session with Weider supplements afterwards

Submitted by Jon on Sun, 30/12/2007 – 10:57pm

As promised to myself, I managed a quick weight training session this evening, making two exercise sessions in one day (a repeat of Christmas Eve).

I started with a quick warm-up, using a 10kg disc to pump out some presses, then some squats and presses with a light bar (about 20kg).

First exercise as usual was the shoulder presses, using 30kg (3 sets). Then quickly moved onto inclined bench presses, going from 30kg. 40kg to 45kg. Then curls using 20kg plus EZ-bar, followed by tricep extensions with 20kg supersetted with hammer curls with same tricep bar. This was not planned, I just thought, why not try it. The tricep bar seems ideal for double handed hammer curls. My upper arms felt really pumped after this, so if I get good results from this bicep/tricep supersetting then I will continue.

After I made a protein drink, using Weider Muscle Builder. I added extra chocolate powder, and rather than using the skimmed milk as suggested, I used half fresh cream (left over from Christmas) and skimmed milk. It went down well.

I also cooked a ham this evening, so I will get another protein boost when I tuck into that in a moment!

Good day, a hard run and a weight training session that left me feeling pumped. Let’s just hope I have the energy to run again tomorrow. It’s New Year’s Eve tomorrow, so time to party!

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