3.50am, awake, just eaten bacon sandwich

Submitted by Jon on Wed, 04/02/2009 – 5:03am

Been a funny day. Had a first chat with career advisor that has come to my company, to help in the “transition” from being happily employed to unemployed. He seems geniune enough, and hopefully will be able to help me cope with this transition.

Got home from work eary as my wife picked me up from the railway station. Saved me a walk home. I am supposed to be walking home to help me stay in shape, but the paths are treacherous.

I was so tired when I got in, that after bathing my son, I got in to bed. That was probably about 8pm. I slept until 11.30pm, and was actually woken by the joke that I told myself in my dream. I do not do jokes. But yet I made one up in a dream, and told my dreamland colleagues, and they laughed. So maybe it is funny. Maybe not. The joke:

The US government has decided to slacken street advertising rules, now allowing anyone to advertise anywhere for free. Bill Posters has been informed that he will not be prosecuted after all, and the trial has been cancelled.

See, it is awful. I did warn you, that I do not do jokes. And this was a dream joke, so probably worse than if I conciously decided to write one. I wonder if professional comedians write jokes while asleep. Seems an easy job if they do!

OK, so now. I have been faffing on the computer since I woke up. I think that I have a virus, as least some odd requests from ZoneAlarm that resulted in my PC rebooting. Never a good sign. Attempted to investigate and got nowhere. Thinking of reinstalling the operating system, but this seems like a real chore. Maybe all is ok. Backed up data anyway, just incase.

So I got hungry about 40 minutes ago, and went downstairs and had a tin of mackeral. Then decided to cook some bacon and had a bacon sandwich, which was very nice. Now drinking a cup of tea. So English of me. Must go to bed. It is now 4am. Alarm set for 6.45am.

I think that the whole redundancy thing is playing on my mind. Worrying times. Must get my exercise, eating and sleep sorted out. At the moment I am putting on weight, getting less fit, and being ill from lack of sleep. Add anxiety and worry to the list, and I am heading for disaster. Maybe this careers coach chap can sort me out.

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