25:27 minute run in the cold

Submitted by Jon on Tue, 11/12/2007 – 11:23pm

I managed to drag myself out for a run again this evening. I was very close to not going out tonight, but luckily I was feeling strong willed this evening.

I put on three layers tonight, my thermal vest, the Nike dry-shirt and the Tchibo running top. Also had my thermal long Johns under my tracksuit bottoms. But it was still cold. My thumbs soon started to feel really cold, and I realised that I need a pair fo running gloves now. Also my feet got cold, but no idea what to do about that.

The run was better than the last two. My legs did tire a lot about 2/3 of the way around, but I still beat my previous times by just over 2 minutes. In fact, I probably really ran in 24 minutes, as I stopped to hand a Christmas card to my neighbour as I headed out. I was going to post it through the door, but he pulled up in his car just as I left my house.

Pleased with my run, my legs did tire a slow me down, but I have not been running much in the last few weeks, so it is not that surprising, and still faster than the previous two times I did this route, in fact possibly my fastest time so far. But still a long way from being a good run. I think that I ran at about 12 minutes per mile. Still a slow jog in most poeple’s books!

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