100 Press Ups A Day Challenge Is Back On!

Submitted by Jon on Thu, 11/09/2008 – 12:05am

My fitness plan went pear shaped, again. Last week my dodgy ankle flared up again, and that has put an end to my running home from the station. However, I am still walking everyday – 2.7 miles, or 45-50 minutes. The walk is tiring, and by time I get home I am all sweaty and my legs feel pretty tired too. Anyway, to supplement my walking, and also to try to make up for the fact that I am not going kung-fu, I have started my daily 100 press up challenge again.

I did this challenge last year, I think, or it could have been the end of 2006 thinking about it. Anyway, I did 100 yesterday, but admit only managed 30 today. My 100 involved doing 1 set of 20, followed by 6 sets of 10, and then as many as I could before failing each time, until I got to 100. The 100th was a single press up, as I failed on 99. It was tough, but enjoyable!

Also, I promised my wife that I would do some sun salutations with her too. And September is apparently “Yoga Month”, so I really should give it a go. Never done a sun salutation, but they look like a good way to exercise. My wife “does 100’s” every Sunday in her Ashtanga yoga class. She says that it is the hardest yoga that she has ever done – so it must be good!

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