Louis Smith Sheds His Stomach Fat In 3 Weeks!

These photos are a few weeks apart. He must have been bulking!
These photos are a few weeks apart. He must have been bulking!

Proof that being fit and strong can help shed fat comes in the shape of British Olympic champion Louis Smith. In the first picture Louis is in a park with a friend. He was spotted with a bit of tummy fat and looking a little chubby. Still in good shape, just a bit overweight. Just three weeks later he posted a selfie on Twitter (where else!?!) and is looking in is usual amazing shape. How did he do it?


Louis Smith does Tabata training (intensive interval training) to burn fat and improve fitness. He shared some of his fitness secrets on Twitter, saying in one post:

“My legs have finally stopped shaking 3 hours after my Tabata workout haha #Gym little update picture soon I think ;).” – Twitter, 10:29 PM – 25 Nov 13.

In a more recent Twitter update (posted on 6th December 2013) he wrote:

“Tabata session done with @ELBFitness now time to get my dancing shoes on with @FlaviaCacace for the time of our lives haha”

In addition to Tabata training Louis also does weight training and probably gets some longer cardio sessions in, such as running or cycling.

Practising gymnastics will also keep him in great shape, long sessions in the gymnasium will burn a lot of energy.

Louis was also seen doing tuck jumps in the park. Tuck jumps are one of the exercises in our Monday workout.

As indicated in a recent Tweet he has also been practising his dance moves with his Strictly Come Dancing partner Flavia Cacace, we assume for a Christmas special.

Louis is living proof that you can lose fat quickly if you have a solid foundation in fitness. Being fit and muscular allows you to burn a lot more energy than an average person does in each workout.

Improved cardiovascular fitness allows you to workout harder and for longer, and greater muscle mass needs more energy to work, so your body eats up calories stored as fat. If you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay in shape you need to up your fitness game.

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