Jessica Ennis-Hill gives some shot put advice

Jessica Ennis-Hill shot putJessica Ennis-Hill has shared some her track and field video lessons. Today she takes us through the shot put.

The shot put is the perfect combination of technique and power. Practising shot-put is a strength training exercise in its own right.

The key stages of shot put are:

  1. Preparation
  2. Glide
  3. Mid Glide
  4. Throw

Jessica explains that it is not all about power, although power is of course very important. Technique is vital to a good shot put.

The Video

1. Preparation

Shot put preparationPreparation is key. Start by facing away from the line of the throw. The weight of the body is entirely on the right leg.

The left leg is low and slightly bent – it provides balance. The left arm hangs, providing additional balance

Make sure your hips come to the circle first. Back straight and core engaged.

 2. Glide

Shot put glideOn the glide the left leg is brought down and kicked backwards in the direction of the base of the stop block.

The shoulders remain facing away from the direction of the flow.

The elbow stays high to support the shot tight against the neck.

3. The Mid Glide

shot put 3 mid glideIn the mid glide the left foot lands near the stop board and slightly to the left of the line of throw.

The right food lands in center of the circle and directly under the shot. Weight is moved back to the back leg.

The arms are used to guide the shot, like a javelin thrower.

4. The Throw

shot put lesson - the throwThe throw is the final stage. The left knee is extended when the hips become square to the front.

The elbow is raised directly behind the shot and in line with the throw.

Then the big push to release.

It is great to see Jessica Ennis training and sharing. You can see more of her videos on Youtube and on her website:

If you are planning on doing shot put for the first time it is highly advisable to contact your local athletics club and ask about tuition. This video provides some excellent pointers for those who have already received some training, but beginners should get hands on tuition.

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  1. nitin biyani says:

    How many time should be takes by a person for becomes a good athletic

  2. MotleyHealth says:

    Hi Nitin, you should speak to an athletics coach really, you cannot become a good athlete just by performing this single movement.

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