Weight Loss

Learn how to lose weight the healthy way with diet and exercise routines. Our advice will teach you how to plan your meals and how to workout at home or in the gym.

Nina Osegueda’s weight loss story

Nina Osegueda before and after pics

Nina Osegueda is a heavy metal singer with rockers, A Sound of Thunder. When she was 19 years old she weighed 180 pounds and at just 5 feet tall, her BMI was a shocking 35.2, well into obese territory and…

Play Tetris and lose weight

NES Tetris Box Front

Scientists at Plymouth University have discovered a method for losing weight and quitting smoking – playing Tetris! Researchers found that people who play Tetris for three minutes a day are less likely to crave food or cigarettes when they are…

The Valentine Workout

a valentine heart

It is just one week until Valentines Day, so why not use the next seven days to start getting in shape again? In a one week period you need to focus on eating a very lean and healthy diet as…

The Corset Diet

The Corset diet red

The Corset Diet is a new commercial weight loss plan for women, which combines an effective corset with a diet plan to help you get your body back in shape. According to the official website the plan has been approved by…