Yoga Postures

Padahastasana – Hands to Feet Yoga Pose


Start standing upright with your arms lengthened at your side and feet close together. Position the hands in prayer position. Keep the feet parallel and spread out the toes, keeping the body weight spread evenly across the feet. Take a…

Rishi’s Posture – Yoga Pose


Start in a standing position with the arms down and relaxed, place feet wide apart with the toes facing forward. On the next inhalation lift the arms outwards to shoulder height with the palms facing down. Exhale and lower to…

Chair Yoga Pose – Utkatasana


Start by standing up in the mountain pose, place the feet together, inhale and lift the arms up, keeping them in line with the body and parallel to one another. Exhale and bend the knees down so that the thighs…