Belly fat articles

Here you will find advice and tips on how to lose belly fat, with some practical advice on diet and exercise, as well as news and research on the topic.

Losing belly fat is often a very hard process. For many people, it is the last of the fat that needs to be lost. Some belly fat is natural, and for many people, especially men, belly fat accumulates very easily if too much food is eaten, and not enough exercise taken.


Cannot lose my tummy fat

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Question: Hi there. Thanks for all the tips and advice on the website! I was looking for such tips as I have lost quite some weight in the past few weeks but I still have some tummy fat. I was never…

Central Obesity, Diet and Metabolic Syndrome

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Central obesity, also known as visceral obesity or simply just belly fat, is the most dangerous type of fat accumulation. Here we discuss the various medical conditions that may result from long term obesity and also provide some solutions to help you deal with the problem. The advice comes from an article published in Functional Foods in Health and Disease in 2011 which looked at the role of the Mediterranean Diet and weight management.

Inject Your Belly Fat Away with LIPO-102

What Are LIPO-102 Injections? In October 2010 a new development in surgical fat reduction was announced. A new fat reducing injection has been developed and tested. LIPO-102 injections contain 2 chemicals to aid lipolsys (fat burning) of abdominal subcutaneous fat (the…

Removal of Loose Fat and Skin

After rapid and extreme weight loss a person may be left with a of excess loose skin. Surgery is the only way to remove this skin although a health diet and regular exercise can help.