Stretching For Runners

Fit woman stretching

0200 Stretching helps to reduce running injuries, shorten recovery time and makes you more flexible. Never forget to stretch! Stretching before and after each run? It is advisable to only stretch after each jogging session, and not before, for three to…

How To Start Running

African American male running on the beach uid 1453195

1100 Running is one of the most natural ways to exercise and it boosts health and fitness. All you need is some comfortable clothes and a pair of running shoes. If you are not accustomed to physical activity before you…


Weight Loss

Don’t Ask Google How To Lose Weight!

Dont ask Google how to lose weight

3340 I just searched Google “how to lose weight” and was rather surprised by what I saw. It is obviously some clever new feature of Google, but the answer they gave was absolute nonsense. Here is a screenshot – try…

Health News

Scientists and Sugar Industry at War!


0600 Sugar is in the news again. The BMJ has published an article “Sugar: spinning a web of influence“, which talks about how public health scientists are heavily involved (and suggests influenced) by the sugar industry. Sugar-based processed foods and…

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Cameron Diaz Talks About Meditation

How Cameron Diaz Gets In Bad Ass Shape

0310 In an interview with Bob Lynch, as part of the David Lynch Foundation of interviews, Cameron Diaz spoke about the transformation impact that practising Transcendental Meditation has had on her life. She explained: “To have that tool now and to…

Athlete's Training


Yoga That Takes You Beyond the Realms of Death

Treelady Studios, Paul Werkmeister, March 2015

Proof once again that Peace Sells and that it is possible to be fit and healthy, both in Heaven and Hell. Here’s to Metal Health! Have a Quiet Riot in your yoga studio. Remember to take it easy to start with, otherwise you might Black Out. ;)

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