Simona Halep Decides to Have Breast Reduction Surgery to Improve Her Game

Simona Halep, Romania tennis player with large breastsSimona Halep, one of Romania’s greatest tennis sensations, has announced that she will be having breast reduction surgery to reduce her 34DD chest to allow her to take her game to the next level.

She has attracted a lot of attention, for all the wrong reasons, and wants to be able to focus on her professional game. But to do so requires breast reduction surgery, as currently her chest is holding her back, not to mention being a great stress on her back. She told the British daily paper, The Sun, of her plans:

“This fall I’ll have a breast reduction operation. The breasts make me uncomfortable when I play. It’s the weight that troubles me – my ability to react quickly.”

However, many of her fans are no so keen on her having the surgery. She has built a large following of fans from around the World, and some have even started a Facebook campaign to save her breasts. It is a strange tennis fan though, that would rather look at the player’s breasts, rather than see her perform better on the court and fulfil her true potential and win more matches. We say good luck to her, and ‘breast’ wishes in whatever action she ultimately chooses.

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