Learn how to get fit. Exercise helps improve cardiovascular fitness, tones and strengthens the body and aids weight loss by increasing metabolism and regulating appetite. Most of all, exercise help you help lose inches around your waist. We have many articles here for you to chose from.

Fit Pins: Elite Abdominal Workout from Imur

Imjur Elite ab workout

The latest in our #FitPins section is the Elite Ab workout from This is the fourth in their series of abdominal workouts, the others being the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. The Elite features the Bicycle Crunch, which we have said before is…

Fartlek your way to faster fitness

Soldier running in water

Fartleks are a great way to quickly increase your running strength and stamina. Unlike interval training which involves increasing intensity for consistent times throughout a run, Fartleks are more dynamic, and also make use of the terrain to create a…

Fit Pins: Dumbbell Blast


This is a new section to the website which will look at the most inspirational pins of the week from Pinterest. Pinterest is a social network that allows people to share images from around the web. Since it launched images…

Melissa Ioja’s HIIT Dirty (real time workout)

Melissa Ioja

We have just discovered Melissa Ioja’s workouts on Youtube. She shares bodyweight circuit training workouts that are excellent for burning fat and improving fitness. She does today’s in her backyard, even when her neighbors are working loudly next door. This is…

Monday Workout

Tuck jumps

This workout will hit the legs hard and fast. The circuit is ten sets of ten exercises, 100 in total. Aim to complete five rounds, so 500 repetitions in total.

Sunday Workout

The Sunday workout

Today for some is a day of rest, but not if you are trying to get fit. As it is Sunday the workout can be done at a more leisurely pace. Sounds great! And no circuits either. Just perform each…

Saturday Workout

How to do a burpee.

It is Saturday. Today’s workout will be simple, just two exercises. But these exercises will be done 200 times. Burpees and crunches! 10 Burpees (with a push up) 10 Crunches Repeat 10 times and note the time. Aim to beat it next…

Thursday Workout

Thursday Workout

Yesterday’s bodyweight circuit included jumping jacks, lunges, high knees and squats, so today we will give the legs a little rest and work more on the core and upper body. Warm up with a short jog / jogging on the…

Wednesday Workout

Wednesday Workout

This is the first of our new daily circuit training routines. These simple workouts are an excellent way to burn fat and get fit at home. With the exception of the walking lunges you do not need much space. You…

Get Fit for the Slopes with our Ski Workouts


The summer is finally coming to a close. All over Europe and North America people are starting to excited about the forthcoming winter. While the sun worshippers mourn at their loss the skier tribes start to dust off their jackets and polish…