Smoothies: Best Energy Snack Before Running and Workouts?

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Preparing well before exercise, a sporting event or even a day out playing is essential to get the most out of yourself. Eating the wrong foods before a workout can leave you not feeling in the mood, lethargic and generally lazy. A heavy meal may make you bloated, and a too much meat can take a long time to digest.

People respond differently to different foods, but if you find that you are sometime feeling sluggish during a run or a workout, then it is essential that you look at how you fuel yourself beforehand.

Smoothies are possibly the best pre-workout snack. They provide hydration and are easily digested. If made with milk they provide additional protein, whereas fruits provide natural sugars to fuel your muscles and boost glycogen reserves.

For an extra boost, then add banana to your smoothie. Bananas are also easy to digest, and can actually be eaten during a low intensity workout. Many endurance runners eat bananas during the race, while running. Bananas also contain plentiful reserves of potassium which helps to maintain healthy nerve and muscle function.

Adding yogurt to your smoothie increases your magnesium intake, which is essential to activate the enzymes involved in the metabolism of both protein and carbohydrate.


The key to finding the best pre and post workout snacks is to experiment. Take note of how you feel during your workouts, and after too. Fueling yourself properly can help to increase your performance immediately. Check out our smoothie recipes for ideas.

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