Strength Training

Strength training is a vital part of fitness. Building muscle is vital for improving athletic performance. It also boosts metabolism which means you burn calories quicker. Weight training routines and bodyweight workouts are provided.

Motley’s Muscle Making Mistakes

Shoulder and arms of a HIT trainer

Strength training is a great way to tone your body and get physically fit. More important than the amount of weight you lift, proper form is essential for success and safety. If you work out in the gym regularly, you’re…

Want To Get Really Beefed Up?

Have you ever wondered what it means to want to get “beefed up”? Well, it is more obvious than you may think, and it also is very relevant to the bodybuilding world, although not so relevant to athletics and weight…

Train for Muscular Strength, Size and Power

We always strive to provide the clearest and most accurate information possible when it comes to fitness training. We have recently been scouring publications on health, and specifically sports science and weight training research papers, to help determine once and…

Weight Training Intensity or Volume for Bigger Muscles?

Bodybuilding has been a mainstream sport and fitness activity for several decades now, however there is still a debate over the best way to lift weights to build the biggest muscles. Some people believe that you should lift less for more muscle, and some say lift more. But what does this mean?

Triceps Training – the Key to Bigger Arms

To work the triceps efficiently, you need to work the long, medial and lateral heads of the muscle. The triceps involve small muscles, so high repetitions can lead to over training. Limit a workout to 8-12 sets, split between three or four different exercises.

Weight Training Push & Pull Split Routine

bicep curl

Once you start weight training more intensively it becomes essential to split your routines into more than one session per week. This is to avoid overtraining, which occurs when repeatedly exercising your muscles before they have fully recovered.

Splitting the routine this way allows more regular training, as although the day after training your pushing muscles are still recovering, you can utilise and train the pulling muscles.

Mike Mentzer’s High Intensity Weight Training

Mike Mentzer did not invent High Intensity Weight Training, but he made it popular. During his time in the military, while also doing his bodybuilding training the old fashioned way (very long training sessions with many sets and hundreds of reps)…