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What Is Food Learning Impairment?

Obese women

Health researchers from Yale have made a new discovery and with it a new condition that causes, or is linked with, obesity. The study was reported in the journal Current Biology. Yale School of Medicine found that some obese women have…

Time To Ditch Pre-diabetes?

male with belly fat

A group of health researchers have declared that labelling some people with pre-diabetes is both unhelpful and unnecessary. Pre-diabetes is defined as somebody who is close to developing type 2 diabetes. Health researches have published in the Too Much Medicine section…

Waist Circumference Predicts Early Death

male with belly fat

When is Your Stomach Too Fat? Diabetes UK advises that the following waist measurements put people at risk: Women: 31.5 inches (80 cm) White and black men: 37 inches (94cm) South Asian men: 35 inches (90cm) These measurements are the…