Try To Stomach Warmed Up Pasta To Lose Weight

I'm Michael Mosley

Not eating pasta is still better than both not eating fresh pasta or cold pasta or reheated pasta….


15 Fun Workouts to Try

Mountain biking is a great way to get out and get fit

These 15 alternative ways to get fit and strong can make exercise fun again. You do not need to spend all the time in the gym to workout. Most involve getting outdoors and all involve playful activities.

The Ultimate Legs, Butt and Tum Workout

Female bodybuilder with a pear shaped body

This article provides some advice on toning your butt, tum and thighs / legs. For each exercise start with 10 repetitions, then repeat the circuit as many times as you feel comfortable. As you get fitter and stronger, perform more reps…


Starting weight training

Woman doing shoulder press exercise

Start weight training today to get stronger, feel healthier and look fantastic!

Bicep Curls

Man performing a Preacher Curl.

Biceps are possibly the easiest muscle to build and they are rarely concealed under a layer of subcutaneous fat either. Big biceps can be both functional and aesthetic. So, how is it done? What is the best way to beef…

Weight Loss

Thanksgiving and Christmas Survival Tips

Family having dinner on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, a time to be grateful of the massive abundance of food we have!

Learn To Be Young Again

Child with hoop

There is only one reason why people become overweight: it is because people go from being healthy and fit to being an unhealthy one and sedentary. When we are at school our eating habits are restricted. Children can eat only during…

Health News

Children in the UK are abusing laxatives to lose weight

Senna alexandrina

British children are abusing laxative pills in an attempt to lose weight with many taking dozens every day. Stores are selling an unhealthy number of tablets to children and this is causing serious health problems. Laxatives for weight loss? Contrary…

New Research Finds That Exercise With Chemo Kills Skin Cancer Cells Faster


Researchers find that exercise helps to reduce cancer cells when combined with chemotherapy.

Blog Posts

Announcement Regarding “MotleyHealth Diet Pills”

motleyhealth diet pills scam

Important Notice: October 2014 It has come to our attention that another company may be selling diet pills in our name. We received a message / complaint via our Facebook forum this morning from an individual who had purchased some diet…

Do. Or do not. There is no try.

Master Yoda Try Not - MotleyHealth

Sometimes life tries to get in the way of you living a healthy life. Learn a little from Yoda, live a better life.

Diet & Nutrition

Try To Stomach Warmed Up Pasta To Lose Weight

I'm Michael Mosley

Not eating pasta is still better than both not eating fresh pasta or cold pasta or reheated pasta….

Mediterranean Diet Reverses Metabolic Syndrome

Mediterranean diet plate

Health scientists have concluded that following a Mediterranean style diet can help to reverse Metabolic Syndrome.

Celebrity Routines

Dame Helen Mirren’s 12-minute workout

Dame Helen Mirren in a red bikini

Dame Helen Mirren is rated as one of the sexiest women in the world over the age of 60; she is now almost 69 years old. Helen made the headlines in 2008 when she was photographed in a red bikini…

Mel B’s Frightening Fitness

Mel B totally fit DVD cover

Mel B, previously known as Scary Spice, from the Girl band the Spice Girls, is undoubtedly the fittest of the Spice Girls. Compared to Sporty, Baby, Ginger and Posh, she is head and shoulders above when it comes to the…

Athlete's Training

Jennifer McIntosh talks about Shooting Workouts

Jennifer McIntosh

All sports require a high level of physical fitness; even when athletes hardly move.

Fittest Superbowl Player: Russell Wilson, Quarterback for Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson vs Vikings, November 4 2012 Larry Maurer

Russell Wilson, the quarterback for Seattle Seahawks, is possibly the fittest player in the 2014 Superbowl. Wilson is a highly skilled player and his fitness levels have been solid since he entered the NFL as a third-round draft pick. He…


Yoga Warm Up Exercises

Woman in a yoga class.

Before performing the yoga asanas / postures it is recommended that you warm up the muscles and loosen the joints and ligaments with some gentle exercises first. This helps with performing the yoga asanas and also reduces the chances for…

Can Yoga Help You Lose Weight?

Tree Yoga Pose – Virksasana

This is a very common question and considering what we have reported above, the answer would at first seem to be that it is not a useful tool for weight loss. So, how many calories does yoga burn per hour? Yoga…